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“Scary Hello” Contest Winners

The winners from the ‘Hellos From the Crypt’ contest with The Hello Project are here! 

Handing the reins over to our guest judge, Stefan Bucher:  

Miss Congeniality: Mark Harris
Let me sum this up succinctly: Jesus H. Christ! This is a scary-ass post-it! I think it’s because this one’s got an outie.

by Mark Harris

3rd Prize: Matthew LaFleur
I do believe that the hybridization of lobsters and octopi will lead to the downfall of humanity. And just because the pundits say that horizontal blinds will protect us doesn’t mean it’s true. (Extra credit for the very menacing little “hello.”)

by Matthew LaFleur

2nd Prize: Matthew LaFleur
Again, there is so much here: The Rorschach, the whiteout eyes and teeth, the excellent detailing on the speech bubble, the fine work on the face, and just the idea that your Jamiroquai hat could turn on you at any moment… I love it!

by Matthew LaFleur

1st Price (not a typo, but in honor of Vincent): Jacob Saariaho
It’s got everything! A scary graveyard, ghoulish type, dramatic lighting, and a zombie breaking free of the bonds of hell! What can I say? I’m a classicist.

Winner! by Jacob Saariaho

But all the pieces were so excellent, so I gave everybody an award. Please see the stickies on this PDF.

- Stefan Bucher 


A huge thanks to our guest judge, Stefan Bucher of The Daily Monster!  And thank you to everyone who submitted their Scary Hello’s! 

Here are some clues to the next contest theme with The Hello Project:

2UP.  Hedgehog.   Power Pad. 

 Can you guess what the theme is?